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Minnetonka, Minnesota

Our Story

MVMT LAB was established in 2023 by Becci Powers-Johnson, and the bearded man behind the MVMT LAB programming, Eric Mattson.

Becci has a long history in both Corporate America and small business entrepreneurship. Her fitness journey was more personal until she joined a franchise and hired her first certified personal trainer extraordinaire, Coach Eric Mattson.

Eric on the other hand has a long history of personal training. Right out of college, he was a strength and conditioning coach for the Minnesota Vikings and his first client was none other than the infamous Randy Moss! Eric also has experience with owning a fitness franchise.

The two of them put their minds together and decided to create their own brand, and the outcome... MVMT LAB!

The other coaches and staff at MVMT LAB all maintain the signature drive for accurate movement standards, safe coaching, and training practices while forging an environment unlike any other gym.

MVMT LAB is a renowned resource in the wellness industry, emphasizing a holistic approach to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


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Your fitness experience should feel encouraging and achievable. One person’s goals are different from another’s, and it’s our job to meet you where you are at. Inclusivity and a sense of belonging are paramount in class and we are honored to guide you on your wellness journey!

  • Be fit

  • Be healthy

  • Be strong

  • Be well

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