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Our Mission

To enhance our members’ lives through physical movement; fostering community as we become healthier, stronger, better versions of ourselves, together.

Our Vision

To cultivate a community where people are empowered to become their healthiest, strongest, and best selves through physical movement and a healthier lifestyle.

Add years to your life and life to your years!

At MVMT LAB (pronounced "Movement", we will "help you move" through dynamic, strength and cardio movements and do it in a safe community setting. Each Group MVMT class is set up for all fitness levels, from the collegiate athlete to someone that just retired and is ready to travel the world and/or play with the grandkids!


Are you looking for an hour of "mom" time? Ready to take a break from the kid(s) and get your sweat on? Working out not only helps with the physical well being, but the mental and social well being. It is so important for a "mom" to stay playful and be her best with the kiddos!


Are you so busy with work and life that it's hard to get away? How about a quick (50 minute) workout, in an immaculate studio, with showers (towels, personal care products, and all the fixings), easy parking and a great community with many other professionals? What do you say? Come check us out!


We are family. And the family that works out together, has bonus time together. Or maybe you both can't make the same time? That's okay, our community is great and we love to see couples working on their fitness, health, and wellness goals together. We have a great couples rate, so what are you waiting for?

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A SPACE TO BE A BETTER YOU | Be Fit | Be Healthy | Be Strong | Be Well


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We invite you to come in and check out our facility. Our staff will greet you and give you a walkthrough of our space, and all that we offer. We will make time for a personalized fitness assessment and review your goals.

All new members receive a free Evolt 360 bioscan and your first class is free!


We'll help you with a plan!

Our team is here for you to help you get started and stay consistent. All it takes is the first step, once you come in you'll see what we have to offer and be hooked!



No matter what your age (from high school or collegiate athlete, to retired senior, don't we all want to live healthier? The best way to improve your longevity is to:

  • > Get moving

  • > Eat healthier

  • > Keep your brain active

  • > Focus on your social health

  • > Total well being


Becci Powers-Johnson

Embarking on my fitness studio journey just before the onset of Covid challenges, I learned invaluable lessons about resilience and adaptability. Despite the tough start, I discovered the vast opportunities in diversifying classes and forming meaningful partnerships.

Core to our approach is functional fitness, emphasizing the critical role of strength and resistance training for all ages. We've seen the advantages of group workouts not only for physical health but also for social, emotional, and mental well-being. Recognizing individual preferences, we offer small group and personalized programs, acknowledging that guided assistance leads to greater success.


My motivation is simple: longevity. Inspired by my mom's unwavering positivity during her 3-year cancer journey, I aim to help others live their best lives with resilience and a smile. Losing her at 58, I want to make her proud and instill in my kids the qualities of strength, independence, and the importance of helping others.

Since 2020, I've delved into the mental health, emotional well-being, and social interaction aspects of exercise, shaping the MVMT LAB brand around sustainable, lifelong fitness. Our studio offers flexibility in workouts, allowing you to choose heavy or light weights, high or low impact—consistency is the key to achieving longevity. Join our community, where fitness is enjoyable, and you'll keep coming back.


7 months pregnant




55+ group

What Clients Say About Us

I am a busy working mom but I am stronger, happier and healthier because I have movement lab. I love that I show up and an effective, efficient workout is planned for me every time. I don’t have to think about it, I just show up and feel amazing because of it. I love going in the mornings before the day begins. The community of people is amazing and real. No corporate corny sales pitches. The coaches are experts and bring so much knowledge. I feel like I’m getting personal training but at a group fitness price. This is the smartest and most effective workouts I ever done. I look forward to coming and feel so lucky to have MVMT Lab in the neighborhood.

-CJ, mom/nurse/Mvmt lab member



Minnetonka MN

Jane Doe


MVMT LAB is the most welcoming gym I have ever been a part of. The owner, Becci, as well as the coaches make it a priority to have a great relationship with every member and make it feel like one big family. The times are super convenient for any lifestyle and it’s great for all skill levels, all ages, all lifestyles! There's a class time that fits everyone's needs. And you can come to whatever class you want throughout the day. The music as well as the motivation from coaches always allows you to push yourself and feel strong everyday!

-Alyssa M, recent college grad, loves to travel, just wants to stay healthy


Alyssa M,

Hopkins, MN

Jane Doe

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